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There is no need of introduction to websites, but there is certainly a need of saying something about professional web sites. We are seeing that even iron-scrap merchants are making websites, not knowing what it is for or what it would bring to them. From our own experience, we have seen many people and organizations create websites and doing nothing for years. They finally give it up, concluding “websites are good for nothing”.

Who Needs Professional Web Sites?

Do you know something interesting that the online sales volume is increasing at rate of more than 10% annually? Haven’t you heard of major retail networks started shutting down the reial outlets and started paying much attention to online sales?

Our professional websites are for those who understands these facts and foresee the scope of online business. Certainly, keeping your website dormant would fetch you nothing; but you need to promote the site.

Then, What Is The Difference?

Great question. If I must market the website, why not I could market my products directly? The answer is that you will get much bigger audience and you will spend much lesser money to promote a website than depending upon the conventional advertising. Also, you can assess how well your marketing is performing and converting to sales.

How Do We Design Websites Professionally?

At first, let us say, this is a group work. We have to address some questions like;

  1. Why do you want a website?
  2. What is your unique selling point?
  3. How the customers are going to be benefited from your website?
  4. What is your budget?
  5. Who are your target audience?

When we found satisfying answers to these questions, we will move further to develop great quality contents for your web pages. A common mistake many do is that they create the website first and then think of the contents. This is not a good practise and we never entertain this.

Design & Development

OK, now we have all the source files ready on the table. Let us think about the interface design now. We like to have inputs from the client like the colors they prefer, layout they prefer etc. This mutual help would result in a great design. the development work is a bit technical and when our programmers finished the job, here is a wonderful professional site ready for your business success.

One should understand that creating a website and creating a professional web site differ heavily. A professional website helps you to promote your business globally and at the same time it should give the visitor the best information and the best browsing experience.

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