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Custom Software Development

GVS Solutions depend upon their in-house team of vibrant and dynamic young professionals to specifically make a tailor made software to meet the requirement of any particluar organization. We always ensure that the end product accommodates the expectations of the customer. The process of developing a bespoke software demands a great deal of human effort in planning, developing, testing and implementing.

We consider all the smallest of the smallest nuances, all possible errors and dangers and other issues even if they are not mentioned or foreseen in the specifications provided by our clients. We very well understand that many sections and departments of the organization will be affected by the software and so, we take extreme care to avaoid any possible troubles that may occur. For this, we conduct an in-depth study of the proceedings of the total organization at the outset. Further, we discuss in very detail the client's expecttaions and specific requirements. This pre-development schedule improves the over-all quality of the system in all aspects. Finally, the end product is handed over after testing and a hands-on training is imparted to the users of the application also.

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Professional Web Design

Making a website is a demanding thing. It has a lot of points to be taken into account. Firstly, it is one's primary tool to say about his products and services to the world. We undertake web design projects as a whole; its making, maintenance, promotion and well-being. GVS Solutions is always keen to use standardized code and User Experience Design (UED). Apart from a conventional user-friendly design, we consider the scientific color combinations, search engine focussed layouts, innovative graphics and physical and emotional interaction.

All other elements such as information or content architecture, organization of labeling, usability and accessibility, and human-computer intaraction. Another pivotal point we are specialized at is the findability of information in the site. We are so particluar at the systematic navigation too.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

We never commit to optimize your site before we convince you what we are about to do and what you are about to get. This is a collective responsibility of the optimizer and the owner of the website to get listed at the top, because if your site is displayed at the top and you are not reflecting the same standards, your ranking will fall down gradually. Remember Google always tells the developers not to produce the site for SEO, but to give the user, the best experience.

Before we start, we always sit with the client, help him decide if he needs SEO or to choose some other marketing techniques. This is because, quality never comes in one day; it needs constant and hard work. You need to be patient to a great extent too. You have to repeat the circle of analysis, fault finding, strategy revising and correcting mistakes. So, to put it simply, both the parties should have a clear vision on the process of SEO.

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Internet Marketing

Internet is a sure-bet for your products and services, provided that you put in your best of the efforts and apply the best of industry knowledge and experiences. Don't you worry, professioanls at GVS Solutions would perform this job for you.

The hardest job here is to find a genuine agency who can really keep their words when they claim "a million traffic in just a few days !" This can not be true. GVS Solutions stands differently that we involve the management and staff of the organization and their clients to market them over the internet. This is simply because, the age of attracting people with labels and adwords is over. We thought that when people are looking for really quality products and services, the best tool for an organization to deliver marketing is their own cliets.

So, we have devised some innovative applications to address the web and the social media. This way is extremely useful and mutually benefitting for the organiztion and their existing clients as well.

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CMS Websites

Content Management System based websites are preferred over static websites by most of the clients. GVS Solutions has developed its own content management system which is flexible in operation and simple to use. One can easily edit, modify, add or delete images and text in his website from a backend administration module. This way, the user can centralize the data manipulation which simplifies the task of website maintenance.

Ours is a comprehensice CMS which includes Web content management system (which allows you to edit and modify data of your website), Component Contenet Management System (which helps in adding, modifying, or deleting a component such as menu in your website) and Enterprise Content Management System (which manipulates the documents and records).

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Multilingual Portal Development

Online news portals have brought evolution in reading habits of people around the world and a pradigm shift to online reading was able to be seen. This caused all the media rooms of the world to adapt the scopes of online news portals as fast as possible. When compared to the print media counterparts, onle news sites are faster in reaching out to the public and easy to handle.

We have developed many versions of online news portals that are being successfully used by our clients. The product is faster, simple to use and effective in application. This application uses an extremely powerful system to manipulate heavy amounts of contents. They search archives faster, publish news faster and instantly and loads much faster. In a nutshell, one looking for a news portal which should serve the purpose of fetching information from diverse sources together faster, easier and attractive must find our application, the best.

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