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What is this ?

This is an online system of managing advertisements in your website. If you are running a website having a good amount of visitors to it, you can generate a huge income or revenue by putting advertisements on your site.

While talking about placing ads in your site, we consider two types of them. One is the image or video ads that are static and that are supplied by the concerned party to display their sd in your site. You charge a fixed amount for a fixed duration. Another option is placing ads provided by ad serving third parties like Google. Google Adsense is the best of this kind and the most reliable ad serving application.

Our application provides you an integrated version of both these two. You can place either any display ad provided directly by your client or paste the embed code supplied by ad serving applications. We offer options to track down your most performing ads too, so that you can refine your less-performing ads and boost up your top performing ads. Following are the best features of this system.

Integrate to Your Current Website

This online application can be integrated to your current website as an add on-module. Further it can be used to track your ads by position and size.

Create and Manage Unlimited Ads

You can create unlimited ads ad positions into this system. Also, rich editing options like adding, modifying, updating your ads are provided.

Easy to Use and Manage

Anybody can easily manage this system. This is a very easy to operate and very user friendly application system. The interface provided is an easy-to-navigate one also.

Set Default Ad and Ad duration

you can set default ads for each ad position. You can also set default ad duration for each ad. These default ads will be running until a new ad is placed in the same place. When you withdraw your new ad after sometime, the default ad will start running automatically.

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