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Computerized Billing Software for Small Business

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Simple and Easy Billing System

Whether you are running a small business or a retail shop, billing is an important area of concern. GVS Billing Software is an easy to install, easy to use software package for small businesses and organizations. It needs no hiring of accountancy professionals to run or handle this software. You can easily prepare and print bills, generate vouchers and receipts, email reports and manage inventory with ease. Here are the salient features of this software.

Error-free and fast operation

This is a foolproof system which had been tested at our testing labs by many profesionals for erors and quality. Even if your computer configurations are outdated, it won't affect the speed and performance of this software, thanks to the state-of-the-art architecture and design.

Easy to Install and Use

It is very easy to install and use. You don’t need the help of any professional in installing or running this software. Moreover, our comprehensive product support system is there to help you at any time.

No Annual Fees

There is no annual renewal for this software. Once you bought it from us, it is yours. You won’t have to pay annual renewal fees to continue working on your software.

Crate Invoices Easily

You can create and manage invoices, vouchers, receipts and reports easily. You can e-mail your daily reports on sales, inventory, purchase and returns to your administrator instantly.

Enhanced Security

All the data is saved in a secured and powerful database management system which will be installed to your system with this software package. Also, your software is password protected in a high security environment.

Easy Backup and Restore

There are flexible and easy options for backing up and restoring your valuable data. Automatic back-up facility also is available.

Manage Clients and Vendors

You can easily manage your clients, purchases, vendors through this system. It gives the freedom to add unlimited vendors, clients and unlimited records of bills, vouchers and recipts.

Professional Quality

The invoices and other documents you are generating will be of professional quality. We have an option for you to customize this software to fit to your local system of preparing bills and vouchers also.

Statutory Forms

Local statutory VAT system can be updated for invoicing and purchase forms. Also other statutory return reports are also can be generated.

Supports Barcodes

Enhanced support for bar-coded product and billing systems. You can easily manage barcodes with our invoicing software with “never before” ease.

Salient Features at a Glance
  1. Goods Receiving
  2. Billing / Invoicing with or without Barcode
  3. Purchase and Inventory Management
  4. Secure Login
  5. Customized Reports (Daily, Monthly, Quarterly etc.)
  6. Easy Backup Database and Restore
  7. Bills as Statutory Forms (Eg. Form 8, Form 8B for Kerala)
  8. Dynamic Tax Entry (You don’t have to depend us to change the tax %)
  9. Instant Alerts for Out-of-Stock
  10. Fast Printing
Packages We Offer
Basic Package - Price : INR 5,000

Features Included :

  1. Create and manage items
  2. Billing / Invoicing with or without Barcode
  3. Invoicing with printing
  4. Invoice forms
  5. Reports
  6. Manage clients
  7. Dynamic entries like tax, cess etc.
  8. Database in MS Excel
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