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Accounting Application Software

This online software is well capable of handling the whole accounting sysstem of a small or medium business enterprise. This application is very user friendly and simple to use even for a novice in accountancy. In addition to perform and maintain the regular accounting jobs, this software empowers the organization to perform business analysis and keeping and manipulating organizational databases also.

Benefits of Online Accounts

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Online Recruitment Software

This software aims the automation of the complete office procedures at an overseas manpower consultancy office. With every scope to customize, we have built whis software after an in-depth study of the proceedings of the complete staff recruitment process. This software comes with a fully functional job website with login facility for employer and candidate also.

Manpower Recruitment System

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Student Information System

This is an online School Management System which is also known as 'Student Information System'. It can be used in any educational institution to manage all the office processes efficiently. It will ease your tedious clerical jobs and bring the much needed dicsipline and system to your institution. It can manage the administration level activities as well as the academic level.

School Management System

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Brand Loyalty Software

This online software application is an innovative approach to build loyalty in your customers towards your products and services. Using a simple to use system it manage your clients completely. By using this software, you can create in your customers a positive behavior of repurchasing your products and help you widening the reach of your products by mouth advocacy.

Brand Loyalty Software

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Project Management Tool

This system involves the clients of the organization in marketing the products and services of the company. This essentially needs good efforts by the management and staff of the organization too. The concept was developed watching the rapid growth of social networking media and the growing interest of people in large numbers in to this area. This is useful for architects, builders and interior designers.

Project Management System

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Billing Software

This is a Windows OS based software to manage the purchase, inventory, invoicing and reports of small and medium scale retail shops. This is a simple-to-operate application that can be well handled by even an unskilled labour with minimum computer knowledge. The front-end is designed user friendly with the support of a powerful and speedy backend database. We offer a customized version of this too.

Features of Billing Software

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Business Management System (BMS)

It is so common in offices to err in registering and keeping the tele-calling details. This sometimes culminates in loss of data, loss of business and loss of important links. To overcome these troubles, this software is designed to assist in keeping all the details of marketing calls and enquiries online. The application would remind you about a preset alert which keeps you updated in the deals.

BMS at a Glance

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Online Advertisement System

This is an exclusive advertisement management module which can be integrated with other websites to manage the advertisements. It helps the administrator to manage all the advertisement sections of the site/portal. Other than mere image ads, this module is capable to deal with ads with embed codes such as Google Adsense ads. This app offers the placement of default ads and change of advertisement places.

Main Features

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