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Customer Brand Loyalty Management Program Software

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What Is Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty means making your customers loyal to you and repeatedly purchasing your products only. This can not happen in one day or two. Your products and services need quality and affordability. You have to do constant refinements to products and services and better and better your client relationships to make your customers adhere to you. Enormous mouth-to-mouth recommendations are the by-product of loyalty. Once your direct clients are happy with you, they would start recommending your products to their circle of friends and acquaintances and you would be surprised at the rapid growth of your business.

This is one of the best and most effective business models that the world has recognized. Most of the surveys opined very much in favor of brand loyalty and this metric was very able.

Theoretically, it is very simple. But, in this world of open global market, making your customers sticking on to your products and repurchase them is asking for too much. It is even more difficult to expect mouth advocacy from them.

So, What is the Solution?

GVS Solutions has come up with a “Customer-Brand Loyalty Management Program Software” which can win the confidence of your customers and which will tempt them to stay with you.

Spurious Loyalty

This is a negative trend. Here, you are trapping the customer or exploiting a situation to persuade the client to purchase your goods. But the customer will get away himself from you once the situational constraints are removed or a better alternative is availed. We are not proposing a spurious loyalty.

True Brand Loyalty

A true brand loyalty is displayed by a customer when he repurchases from you even if a cheaper or better quality product is easily available to him. This is a positive behaviour and GVS Solutions has designed this application that would engage your customers with a positive brand loyalty.

How It Works?

This is an online software which can be accessed and operated from any part of the world with an internet connectivity. This primarily aims at increasing the usage rate of your products or services by creating a rapport between you and your client.

At the outset, all your customers are given privileged membership accounts in your brand loyalty program. Members can view all of your products and services in their respective membership areas. Then can instantly be informed of new products, new offers and new launches or anything that you wish to communicate with your customers. There are message boards, reminders that would promptly intimate your customers about your updates.

Members can purchase your products or services from their member account area and for each purchase, they are earning points. As the purchase volume increases, their earned points also are being accumulated. Once their points cross pre-set levels, they can redeem their points to avail great gifts that you offer them. This is the basic concept of this application. There are a lot to say, but we confine them to the following points. We are always happy to tell you more about this; please contact us for the same.

What You Can Do with This Software?
  1. Create members and guests and permit them privileged access points.
  2. Set points against each product
  3. Approve or discard membership applications
  4. Set redeem levels and set gifts details
  5. Manage membership details and check for membership validity time to time.
  6. Manage messages, reminders, offers and warnings
  7. Manage membership cards
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